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Paw-Starz Cheerleading

Paw Starz Team News

September - April
"MINICATS" Grades K-3
"TOPCATS" Grades 4-8
These teams follow the model of school cheer competition teams, but in a non-competition format. These teams focus on motions, jumps, tumbling, conditioning, dance, timing, performance, execution, voice projection, inflection, and having FUN! Paw-Starz learn a school competition style performance routine consisting of a cheer, a chant, and a dance. They will perform at HCA for the All-Stars, at one or two events in Hilliard Schools, and at the HCA Showcase at Bradley High School in April.
There is one 60 minute practice per week, beginning September 1.

The Basics about the Paw Starz Program

  • Paw-Starz teams perform approximately 4 times between December and April in the Hilliard area.
  • There is no stunting in the Paw-Starz program, as it is modeled after school cheerleading in Central Ohio.
  • Paw-Starz routines do showcase tumbling skills. However, performances will typically be on a basketball court or other gym floor; therefore, tumbling skills appropriate for that surface are the skills that are choreographed into the routine.
    • Although this eliminates forward and backward rolls, we still practice this skill at times, as it helps athletes to progress and achieve more difficult tumbling skills.
  • There are two Paw-Starz teams:
    • The MiniCats is a performance team for athletes in grades K-3.
    • The TopCats is a performance team for athletes in grades 4-8.