Fall 2018 Class Schedule

12 weeks of instruction 
HCA coaches will help to be sure are appropriately placed in a tumbling class with a free evaluation. You may also click here to learn about the tumbling levels.
 Level 1 (beginner to backwalkovers) Thursday 5:00-6:00pm
 Level 2 (backhandsprings)             Monday 6:00-7:00pm
 Level 3 (tucks) Monday 7:00-8:00pm
 Level 4 (layouts) Monday 8:00-9:00pm
 Levels 5 (fulls) Monday 8:00-9:00pm

12 weeks of instruction 
Beginning flyers will learn what it's all about, while experienced flyers will improve on their skills in this class that will focus on flying form and flexibility.
 Saturday 11:00-12:00noon

12 weeks of instruction 
This is a perfect class for every cheerleader-- from the beginning cheerleader who needs to learn the basics to the experienced cheerleader looking to perfect her skills. In this class, cheerleaders will engage in all of the following: improve flexibility by proper stretching; drill proper technique for motions and jumps; drill proper timing for jumps and tumbling; perfect standing tumbling and running tumbling; push for new tumbling in a series or combo; work on voice projection and inflection; practice spiriting on and off the floor; learn chants, cheers, dance; experience a mock tryout and receive written evaluations. This class is open to ALL School Cheerleaders and All-Star Cheerleaders! NO EXCUSES, JUST RESULTS!
 Saturday 1:00-2:00pm

See our Documents page for a printable registration form that you can complete and bring to HCA with you upon coming in for your first class. 
Registration forms are also available at HCA.

Open Gym

Come have some fun with cheer, tumbling, and trampoline!

Every Saturday from 12:00-1:00!

For just $5, you get an hour of gym time!

HCA Coach (all levels 1-5)
30 minutes = $30 
60 minutes = $50 

HCA Assistant or Junior Coach (levels 1-2)
30 minutes = $15 
60 minutes = $30

Private lessons are beneficial for every cheerleader, from beginner to advanced, from all-star to school cheerleader. Such focused time with a coach allows for athletes to improve their skills to always be able to best help their team. 

Specifically, if the athlete is an HCA All-Star, private lessons are strongly.  IT IS CRITICAL TO HAVE THE TUMBLING SKILLS OR FLYING SKILLS FOR YOUR TEAM LEVEL.  Summertime is the BEST time to focus on skills and advance as we prepare for our competition season!

All-Star Levels & Required Skills 2017-2018

Level 1:  backbend kickover, back walkover, beginning to work backhandsprings

Level 2: backhandspring, combo ack walkover bhs, toe touch bhs, round off bhs, round off bhs series

Level 3:  round off back tucks, round off bhs tuck, round off bhs series tuck, punch fronts

Level 4:  standing tuck, standing bhs tuck, toe touch tuck, round off bhs series tuck, round off bhs layouts, x-outs, arabians

Level 5:  full twisting layouts 


ATTENTION FLYERS!!!  MUST HAVE HEEL STRETCH, BOW & ARROW, AND SCORPION POSITIONS HELD ON FLOOR.  Flyer flex training and conditioning will be extremely helpful!


ATTENTION BASES!!!  MUST HAVE Power, Strength & Conditioning

Contact HCA at 614-777-4422 to be put in touch with 

the coach that is right for you today!